7 Amazing Keepers

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Gordon Banks
Considered by many to be the optimum goal keeper of all time, Gordon Banks will forever be remembered for his save from Pele's header during the 1970 World Cup Finals. Yet those who saw Banks play knew he was capable of repeating such a feat on a cold December afternoon when all that was at stake was two points. He wasn't just great - he was consistently on top of his game and a Banks' howler was very rare indeed.

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Peter Shilton
One of the great, driven players, Peter Shilton set out to become the best goalie of all time. Legend has it that on being told he might not make the grade because he wasn't tall enough, Shilton went home and began a training regime that involved spending hours at a time hanging from the stairs in attempt to add inches to his frame. He wanted it that badly.

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Peter Schmeichel
This Danish master goalkeeper was very famous for his acrobatic movement in the field. He is the highest capped player for Denmark with his 129 internatinal matches. He spent his blessed time of his club career with famous English premier League club Manchester United where he played 292 matches. He won the 1992 European Championship with his country Denmark. He became the 'World's Best Goal keeper' for two times. He also led his country for 30 matches as captain. He won the UEFA Champion's League with Manchester United. He is an enlistee of the English Football Hall of Fame..

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Sepp Maier
Maier is another rare fighter under the goal bar. This great player of West Germany was very active in the field and his flexible movement made him an instant giant for the opposition strikers and wingers. In 1974 he helped Germany to win the world cup in their soil. In the tournament he could finish four matches with clean sheet out of seven matches. He played for Bayern Munich for his entire career where he played consecutive 422 matches which is still a record for German football league. He won four West German leagues and three UEFA champions leagues with Bayern Munich. Later after his retirement form football he has been a goalkeeping coach for Germany national team.

melayu boleh,Lev Yashin,goal keeper Lev Yashin,amazing goal keeper 

Lev Yashin
Famed for always wearing a distinctive all-black strip when playing, Yashin is one of the few goal keepers who could genuinely challenge Gordon Banks for the title of greatest goalie of all-time

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Pat Jennings
If ever there was a goalkeeper that could be described as atypical of the breed, it was Pat Jennings. Unorthodox, unflappable, respectable and polite, Jennings commanded his penalty box with an air of nonchalance and calmness that would shame Peter Schmeichel into retirement. Yet despite never receiving any formal kind of coaching - or even because of it - he become one of the greatest goalkeepers the game has ever seen.

melayu boleh,Dino Zoff,goal keeper Dino Zoff 

Dino Zoff
Dino Zoff is an Italian legendary football goalie and the oldest ever winner of the World Cup as a captain of the Italian national team in Spain in the 1982 World Cup. Zoff spent most of his career at Juventus. He holds the record for the longest stretch (1142 minutes) without allowing any goals.

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