The Mechanic Movie Review

CBS put out their new action movie labeled "The Mechanic" into theaters a few weeks ago. I just checked it out,and it was pretty good. It moved at a pretty fast pace as all Statham flicks usually do,and featured a ton of excellent killing action,and more. It stars: Jason Statham, Ben Foster, Donald Sutherland,and Christa Campbell.

The Mechanic movie focused on character Authur . Arthur is actually a mechanic,which is an experienced murderer. He earns money to wipe out people who are questionable,or that have been included in some crooked businesses. He's given records and photos of the individuals he's ordered to kill. He wipes out them in very creative ways,ways that can't be tied back to him or the people he works for.

Things are all going alright for him in his occupation of choice as he's labeled among the finest in his business. Unfortunately, things take an extremely bad turn when his mentor and beloved friend Harry appears on the hit list to be slain. Arthur requests a meeting with the boss to get additional details,and is told if he doesn't perform it,some other individual will because Harry has allegedly been tipping folks off about their assassination jobs.

After Arthur does the assignment of wiping out Harry,Harry's son Steve McKenna appears on the scene,and ultimately asks Arthur to show him everything he knows about being a mechanic murderer. They end up doing a few jobs together,but the best job is yet to come.

Arthur ends up finding out that the killing job he performed on Harry was part of a massive conspiracy by his boss. From that point on, Arthur has nothing but payback on his brain,and brings Steve along for the ride to get revenge for Harry's death. I won't give the ending completely away,but lets just say that Steve eventually learns that Arthur was the dude who murdered his daddy.

This fact brings about a huge twist towards the conclusion,which consists of a number of guns being fired,outrageous car chases with tons of damage,and huge explosions. Also, you should like the closing scene because Arthur pulls off a very cunning stunt. For a movie that's filled with such hideous violence,it's wonderfully played out.

I believed Jason Statham did an exceptionally great job as usual,playing the cool,relaxed,and collective action star who can undoubtedly kick butt. The movie never had an uninteresting moment in it. They kept it moving at an excellent pace. I gave it an A score.

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